The Lineup

“THE G.O.A.T.”

Rich Froning, the winningest Crossfit Games athlete in history will be leading ship-wide workouts, teaching specialized classes and sessions, and even recording a live episode of his award-winning podcast “Froning and Friends” LIVE on the ship!!!

“The Ghost”

Pat Vellner, one of the most prolific Crossfit Games athletes in the last three years and a constant competitor for the top title will be joining WOD on the Waves 2 to lead multiple workouts, sessions, and events.

“Danny Broflex”

Dan Bailey, a 6-time Crossfit Games athlete who has never finished outside of the Top 10 will be bringing his incredible experience to his classes, workouts and sessions on WOD on the Waves 2.


Margaux Alvarez, a seven time Crossfit Games athlete and dynamic entrepreneur will bring her amazing skills and personality to WOD on the Waves 2.  Be sure to check out her wine label’s tastings on board!


Chyna Cho, a seven-times games athlete, gym owner, and fierce competitor will lead numerous workouts, sessions, and events on board WOD on the Waves 2.


Brooke Wells, a 5 year Crossfit Games athlete will bring her special brand of determination to WOD on the Waves 2, and lead multiple workouts, sessions, and events on board.


Jessica Griffith, a four time Crossfit Games athlete will bring her TV personality and fantastic dance moves to WOD on the Waves 2’s workouts, sessions, seminars, and events!


Ryan is a 7-time CrossFit Regionals Athlete and qualified for the Olympic Trials in both the US Skeleton and Bobsled Teams. He’s also the Owner of one of the top CrossFit affiliate gyms in the USA – CrossFit Chalk in OC, CA, host of top fitness podcast “Real Chalk” on the Shrugged Collective channel. Also, Ryan runs some of the biggest nutrition challenges on social media that continue to change thousands of bodies each year with his unique carb cycling protocols and “earn your carbs” lifestyle.


Team Mayhem, the multi-year terror of the Crossfit Games Team Competition led by Rich Froning will bring a taste of Cookeville to the Bahamas on WOD on the Waves 2.


Fee Saghafi is a 2019 Rookie CrossFit Games Athlete, placing 25th in her rookie season.  She coaches and trains out of CrossFit Mentality under her coach and training partner Scott Panchik and is excited to lead and bring her spunky energy to classes and workout sessions on board!  Fee graduated with her Bachelor’s in Exercise Science and Master’s in Business Administration from John Carroll University.  Inspired by her CrossFit journey and how it has impacted and enhanced different areas of her life, she is currently a pre-medical student pursuing her passion for a future in the medical field.


Jennifer Smith, a five time Crossfit Games competitor will be joining WOD on the Waves 2.  Come see her in our numerous workouts, sessions, seminars, and events!


Paul Tremblay, a 2-time Crossfit Games competitor and perennial Crossfit Games Demo Team member will join us again for WOD on the Waves 2!!!


Craig Kenney, a five time Crossfit Games athlete will again bring his amazing skills and incredible mustache to WOD on the Waves 2!!!


James Hobart, the winningest Team athlete in Crossfit Games history returns to push you at WOD on the Waves 2!


You guessed it!  This powerhouse will be joining us on WOW 2 to coach classes, run seminars, discuss programming, and maybe even let you in on some secrets… like how to win the CrossFit Games and get a degree in chemical engineering at the same time!


Austin Malleolo, an eight-time Crossfit Games competitor and founding member of WOD on the Waves returns to lead the workout and training curriculum for WOD on the Waves 2!!!


Conor Murphy, a two-time Crossfit Games competitor and founding member of WOD on the Waves returns to lead the workout and training curriculum for WOD on the Waves 2!!!


Dave Lipson and Andrew Charlesworth combine to become Thundrbro and are bringing their functional hypertrophy training camp to WOD on the Waves 2.  Elite level training and education coupled with outrageous style to *$%! you up.


Kari Pearce, one of 2019’s top 10 fittest women is BACK for more on Wod on the Waves 2!  She will be teaching classes, running workouts, and keeping the positive vibes going throughout the ship!


Chad Vaughn and David Durante are Power Monkey.  They are Fitness Technicians on a Mission (get it!?!) to help you train smart, get strong, and improve your technique.  They will be bringing their elite level teaching and methodology to WOD on the Waves 2’s seminar circuit!


Chris Hinshaw, the founder of Aerobic Capacity (an endurance specialty course and method that has trained 28+ Crossfit Games Champions!) will be on WOD on the Waves 2 sharing his knowledge and methods with all of you!!!


EC Synkowski, the founder of OptimizeMe Nutrition and creator of the 800 gram challenge, will bring her extensive knowledge, education, and experience in fitness nutrition to WOD on the Waves 2!!!


Amanda Barnhart, one of this year’s top 10 fittest women on Earth has signed on to bring her expertise and killer smile to Wod on the Waves 2!


Own Your Eating, a team of nutritional experts providing health and sports performance nutritional advice bring their seminars and teachings back to WOD on the Waves 2!!!


Best Hour of Their Day is a leading podcast founded by Jason Ackerman and Jason Fernandez.  On the ship they will be sharing their knowledge and experience along with their fantastic guests’ input on a podcast recorded LIVE on WOD on the Waves 2!!!

Alonzo Wilson – Tone House Coach

As the founder of Tone House, Alonzo holds a BS Degree in Movement Science Education & Professional Instruction. Alonzo was a collegiate athlete, before moving on to the professional football arena. The team camaraderie and high level of physical and mental conditioning Alonzo achieved ultimately shaped his vision for Tone House. Alonzo currently holds the following certifications: NASM CPT, Trigger Point Self-Myofascial Release Techniques, USA Weightlifting – Level 1 Sports Performance Coach, TRX Certified Instructor.

James McMillian – Tone House Coach

James, a NASM certified Personal Trainer, as well as certified in Trigger Point self-myofascial release techniques. Through playing college sports, James developed a deeper love for fitness and a passion aiding others in their pursuit to reach their goals. Through his vibrant personality, he works to convey to clients his belief that training should be an experience and never a task. His mantra is, “if your heart beats, you are already motivated to succeed. Nothing can stop the will of the heart.”

Zack Daley – Tone House Coach

Zack grew up with love for sports, especially baseball and ice hockey. He has also acquired 15 years of training and experience in hip-hop, gymnastics, and modern dance. He believes that giving his clients confidence and the sense of accomplishment is the most rewarding part of his position as a trainer. Zack currently holds the following certifications: NASM CPT, Trigger Point Self-Myofascial Release Techniques, USA Weightlifting – Level 1 Sports Performance Coach.

Solomon Bamiro – Tone House Coach

Solomon played professional basketball for the Harlem Globetrotters, the Harlem Wizards, the Harlem Magicmasters, and played professionally in the Dominican Republic. After his playing career, he spent time as a basketball trainer and shortly after fell in love with sports performance training and Tone House. Solomon is a NASM certified personal trainer who brings his passion for sports and coaching to the Turf.

Yusuf Jeffers – Tone House Coach

As a former Division I Track & Field and Basketball athlete, he transitioned from a long career as a research assistant in cancer therapy and diagnostics to a full-time NASM certified personal trainer and group exercise instructor. His passion for athletic-based training led him to develop and teach extremely popular sports conditioning, boxing, and small group classes in kettlebells and Olympic weight lifting. TRX, Performance Enhancement, and Corrective Exercise certified, Yusuf believes in the transformative and psychologically liberating power of physical fitness.

Shaun Robert Jenkins – Tone House Coach

Aka SRJ has surrounded himself in sports, and Martial Arts his entire life, leading to him playing Football and Lacrosse at a collegiate level. SRJ has spent the last ten years in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and then as a group fitness instructor, before finding Tone House. He immediately committed his career and focused on the growth and development of Tone House. SRJ started as a Head Coach, and over time has worked his way up to the Senior Training Manager. Shaun currently holds the following certifications: NCFS CPT, Trigger Point Self-Myofascial Release Techniques, USA Weightlifting – Level 1 Sports Performance Coach, TRX Certified Instructor, Precision Nutrition.

Joe Rodonis – Tone House Coach

Joe grew up with love for team sports and, in college, captained a cycling team while competing in triathlons. With a degree in finance, spent several years in the field of Nuclear Medicine. Deciding to follow his passions, Joe became a trainer and international model. Joe fell in love with the Tone House community and team atmosphere. The vision of Tone House falls directly in line with his philosophy and views on wellness. Your training should challenge you to push through mental/physical limits. Joe currently holds the following certifications: ACE Certified Personal Trainer, ACE Health Coach.

Judine Saint Gerard – Tone House Coach

After graduation as a college track & basketball athlete, Judine decided to pursue her passion for fitness as a personal trainer. Missing her days as a college athlete, Judine trained for and competed in her first fitness competition, where she won first place overall. She later went pro with the WBFF in her 4th competition while also being accepted into NYU’s Graduate Program in Nutrition and Dietetics bringing her back to NYC, where she found Tone House. Judine is a NASM certified personal trainer who brings her athletic spirit and love of sports to the Turf.

Kenny Santucci – Strong NY Coach

Kenny Santucci is best known as a trainer, coach, leader and daily-motivator. Brand ambassador for Michelob Ultra & Fitaid, and Technogym Master Trainer, Santucci, has established himself as a force within the health and fitness industry. As the creator of STRONG New York, he is the heart and leader behind these events that have already raised thousands of dollars to different health-focused organizations such as the Alzheimer’s Awareness Foundation, Movember Foundation, and Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Lulu Faria – Strong NY Coach

Lulu Faria, originally from Brasil, has been active in the fitness industry for ten years. Starting her journey with bodybuilding, before moving to CrossFit, and the rest is history. Lulu is currently teaching group fitness classes at Equinox and Chelsea Piers, as well as CrossFit and Body (HIT) at Solace NY. Her include CF-L1, NESTA CPT/BMS/FTS/CCS, and PPSC (pain-free performance specialist).

Danielle Barry – Strong NY Coach

Coach Dani has dedicated her life to helping people with their Heath, fitness, and lifestyle goals. She understands the challenges and obstacles that come along with setting goals and the work it takes to get there. She has competed at the national level in gymnastics and competed at the Central Regionals in CrossFit. Dani started coaching gymnastics in 2010 and quickly found passion in coaching group fitness shortly after. She is your go-to girl for PR celebrations, team workouts, and all things upside down!

Mike Aidala – Strong NY Coach

Mike Aidala is a strength and wellness coach based in Denver, Colorado. He has been coaching people for over a decade and has a varied background of expertise in traditional strength and conditioning, holistic wellness, yoga, partner acrobatics, Olympic weightlifting, SUP and more. You will find him inverted in a handstand and helping others get upside down all over the ship!

Andrew Mariani – Strong NY Coach

A lifelong athlete in multiple sports and collegiate lacrosse player. He began personal training in college with his team’s strength and conditioning coach and has been training and programming for individuals and groups at various levels. He is passionate about helping people breakdown their barriers and realizing their true potential.


We are constantly adding to our lineup of AMAZING coaches, trainers, nutrition experts, and athletes.  Stay tuned!